Logo animation - the icon evokes an immediately recognisable image of home, while retaining a high contrast boldness allowing clarity when used as an avatar at lower resolutions and on smaller screen sizes.

Brand identity, web design, audio recording & editing and photography, for podcast series on Irish housing This is Where We Live.

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Soundcloud playlist for the podcast series. I was responsible for content management and developing a digital strategy to maximise impact, leading to the series being available on over 10 podcast platforms.
Responsive design for the project's website, incorporating the brand identity i developed for the podcast as well as audiovisual content I produced.

This is Where We Live is a podcast series exploring how we create, shape and build great places to live.

It explores the housing crisis facing Ireland today and looks outside the country to investigate how other European cities are coping, engaging expert voices throughout to offer informed insight into this complex problem.

I developed the identity for the project and was involved in every phase of the podcast's production - generating audiovisual content, managing online output, recording & sound-designing the series.


It was important that the project's identity would remain impactful, legible and cohesive irrespective of screen size or context.

This animation displays the identity system used for the project, with the negative-space 'house' icon for avatar use.

A stacked text option is then available for use in landscape layouts and backgrounds.

Finally, a narrow horizontal text line for the website header navigation and social media banners.

Agency: Project undertaken while working for Athena Media
Client: Podcast series sponsored by DCC Housing Observatory, Patreon supporters & HappyScribe


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